Book Review: Unposted Letter

Siya Sakariya, Class 9, The Northstar School, Rajkot, Gujarat

by Mahatria Ra

This book is an amazing and thought changing book. In this book 66 chapter and each chapter defines it’s title with a purpose, a message, a completely different mindset with a very relative and life relating example. It says a message that “ looking up to others is a positive trait, but it becomes a weakness when it leads you into submission. Look up without submitting yourself. You can become better than your boss. What is possible for one man is possible for all men. What one man can do, all men can do; in fact do better. You were not bor to follow. Remember, you were the leading sperm. Even as a sperm, you were not a follower. You were born to lead. Live up to your inheritance. I would recommend this book to Grade – 8 onwards as they get more time to reflect upon. I also had an mind bobbling experience while reading this book and also could reflect and apply onto it.


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