Books-Our friends for life

Aarushi Jithesh, Class 8, Bharathiya Vidhya Bhavan, Perumthiruthi, Calicut

Oh, such beautiful books,
Don’t judge it with its looks.
Oh, so many pages,
That talk of captured fairies in cage.
Oh, the powerful wizards,
They defeated the dark Blizzard.
Oh, they are cool,
Even the books at the school.
Oh, the versatile colours,
Books to be bought with a few dollars.
Oh, the doorways to fantasyland,
Where the queen is welcomed with musical bands.
Oh, the brave Princess warrior,
With Mr. Dragon, her golden barrier.
Oh, the mischievous master thief,
The land of Prince Aladdin and he has no grief.
Oh, the clever girl detective,
During crisis, she has an attitude that is positive.
Oh, the friends for life,
Books stay with us in our hearts;
Like a stab of knife!


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