March 24, 2023

Saayuri Karmarkar, Class 2, Smt Sunitidevi Singhania School, Thane

Bouncy’s Adventure

Bouncy’s Adventure

Bouncy was an extremely bouncy little ball. He lived in a toy basket in the house of a little girl named Emma. One day, Emma was playing with Bouncy when he bounced too high, out of the balcony and out of sight! Emma started crying and thought that her parents would scold her, because Bouncy was extremely expensive and precious. Meanwhile, Bouncy just could not stop bouncing! “I—don’t—need—a—tram—po—line—to—bounce!” he shouted, excitedly. Soon, he reached a forest. He saw numerous monkeys swinging on trees. “I want to swing too! What an experience it would be!” Thinking so, Bouncy tried to bounce higher. Alas! He got stuck in a huge, bushy tree. Luckily, some monkeys found him and helped him out.

Next, Bouncy saw an elephant spraying water from his trunk. “I wish I was an elephant!” said Bouncy. He jumped into the lake. But he started drowning! Luckily, a frog came to his rescue. He took Bouncy out of the lake. “I can teach you how to hop! What an experience it is!” he said. “I already know how to bounce!” said Bouncy. The frog threw Bouncy high up in the sky. “Woohoo! I’m flying!” shouted Bouncy. He started bouncing again! He bounced and bounced and soon reached an ocean. Deep in the ocean, Bouncy saw creatures he had never seen before. It was an ocean in motion! Bouncy explored further and saw a starfish. “How can a star from outer space be in an ocean?” he thought. Then he saw a jellyfish. “Hi! I am a jellyfish,” it said. Suddenly, Bouncy was surrounded by snakes! Or so he thought! But, in fact, they were the legs of a huge octopus! The octopus caught hold of Bouncy and examined him carefully with its big eyes. “I thought your legs were eight enormous snakes!” said Bouncy. “Well, snakes can swim,” said the octopus. “You ought to be careful.” Then he released Bouncy.

Bouncy continued his journey and was admiring the colourful beauty of the ocean bed when suddenly everything disappeared. It was as if someone had put him in a box and closed the lid. Soon Bouncy realised that he had been gulped by a blue whale! “Why would such a huge creature take interest in a tiny ball?” Bouncy was wondering, when he felt a sudden huge jerk from underneath. He was going up very fast through a small tunnel. The next moment, he was high up in the sky, riding on an enormous fountain-like spray that the whale had released. He felt wonderful to be back in the bright sunshine! But alas! His flight didn’t last long as fell back into the water. Just then, a fisherman was looking for his catch and had spread his net in the water. As he collected the net and counted the fish, he didn’t realise that Bouncy was also in his basket. The next morning, when Emma’s mother was buying fish from the fisherman, to her surprise, she spotted Bouncy! “Emma! Look what I found!” she exclaimed. Emma couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw Bouncy! She decided to never let him get out of sight again.


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