V Aishwarya, Class 4, Sri Barathi Vidyalaya Nursery & Primary School, Mannargudi, Tamil Nadu

The Smart Parrot

The Smart Parrot

Long long ago, a king named Mahendra Varman ruled the country of Narasimmapuri. His citizens were happy and peaceful. The king reared a parrot named Rishi. Rishi was smart and sincere to his king. However, Rishi did not like the cage he lived in. After some time the citizens started suffering from extreme famine. The king did not know how to solve the problem. Hence he was sitting in the palace thinking, sad about the future of the country. The smart parrot, Rishi saw the king and asked the reason. King narrated the hardships of citizens due to famine. Rishi had sparkles in his mind. Rishi assured the king to solve the issue but under a precondition that the king had to release him from the cage. As the king wanted relief from his problem he agreed to Rishi’s condition. Rishi was released and he went to the hills and sought the help of other parrots of neighbouring countries. All parrots ate fruits from neighbouring countries and dropped all seeds in Narasimmapuri. After a few months, the entire country was green as seeds became plants and small trees. They received heavy rainfall in the year. The King and people felt happy about Rishi. King asked Rishi what he wanted and Rishi pleaded to live like a free bird. King understood his mistake and set him free.


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