Calvin the Rabbit

Paarth Jain, Class 4, Bombay Scottish School Powai, Mumbai

I was sitting on my chair reading the newspaper when someone knocked at the door.

I opened it.
It was a kangaroo wearing a suit.
“Is your name Calvin?” the kangaroo asked.
“Yes,” I said.
“Come with me,” the kangaroo said.
How peculiar! A human walking along with a kangaroo (I am a human).
Finally, we reached a place with a sign saying ‘ZOO’. We went in.
What an unusual sight! Lions, gorillas, dogs- walking around like spectators, looking at the animals in the cages.
The kangaroo led me to a cage filled with rabbits.
“Please go in,” said the kangaroo.
“Why?” I asked.
“Aren’t you a rabbit?” asked the kangaroo.
I looked at my hands. They were covered with white fur!
“Er…Yes,” I said.
“Then please go in,” the kangaroo said.
Left with no choice, I went into the cage.
Every day, I was given carrots to eat. They were delicious, but I still wished I could be free like before. Being free was so much fun- I could run around and do whatever I want. Being in a cage gave me a feeling of being locked up.
One day, as I was eating a particularly long carrot, I saw a small elf standing at the gates of the zoo.
He took a wand from his pocket, waved it, and shouted,
“Let humans be humans, and animals be animals!”
And suddenly many animals became humans. The kangaroo became a guard!
The guard quickly took out the humans from the cages, including me. As I got out, I asked the elf if he could free the animals in the cages and told him how painful it felt to be locked inside.
The elf snapped his fingers and the animals got freed from the cages.
I waved goodbye to the guard and the elf and walked back home.


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