The Illusion Of A Tomorrow

Priyana Jain, Class 10, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane

The sharp ropes of reality plunged into my skin, the shards of destruction and paranoia clung to me like a leech, dragging me into a nightmarish landscape filled with disruption. Perceiving the sky above me, I glanced at the vivid yellow streaks which caused a division in the undulating threads of the heavens. A screaming came across the sky and I look up to view the meteorites making an excursion to earth.

An aura of hysteria jarred the souls of people as they screamed incoherently as the superlative, interplanetary rocks falling from the sky. Making a run to my car, I turned on the ignition and drove away from the monstrosity but everywhere I turned to beared an insignia of the meteorites. Fires had sprung all across the land as the sky split up. It was the beginning of the end. The incessant boulders fell duplicitly crushing beings and drawing out rivers of blood. It was an imperial affliction – the end of the world characterised with futuristic ghosts that would formulate our tales of greatness to no listener. Hell was empty and the demons had spawned here. My thoughts were pieces of a puzzle that I could not solve. The earthquakes were rupturing the ground and my hope. Petrification contoured my every nerve as I took in the asteroid heading my way.

The inestimable values of lives that I would never know were slaughtered by the otherworldly, complicit boulders. I saw the earth break into pieces like a mere glass pane shattered beyond repair and my last breath was stolen by the gigantic phenomenon. Our existence was wiped out epically from the history of the unfathomable universe and we had nobody to mourn us in grief. The earth ended and so did our hope for a better tomorrow.


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