The Night Sky

Siyya Bhatt, Class 6, Homeschooling, Mumbai

I was sitting at the table. My mobile lay at the opposite edge, far from me. I had lost track of time. It was the dead of night. I had no idea for how long had I been awake.

The sky was cloaked with toxic, harmful smog. The horizon was dotted with city lights. That meant the city was still busy. Hm… that sky reminded me of something. Five years ago, on the snow capped hills, and the open country.

It wasn’t like the sky above my city. There, the stars were scattered freely. It was actually magical. It was divine!
I had a little house there. How I loved to lie awake on the terrace on the summer nights! The open zephyr, the shining lights up there… I long for them.

Sometimes, a band of light shooted through the air. The pin drop silence was only broken by sounds of the crickets chirping and the flowing of the river. The colors in the firmament sometimes dramatically contrasted.
You could almost see the entire galaxy, and that made me think how many other creatures might be living out there, and that somehow felt comforting.

But now… I can still hear the cars honking and the sky is a blur. How I long for the clear sky………


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