The Monster Cakes

Paarth Jain, Class 4, Bombay Scottish School Powai, Mumbai

Everyone knew the baker who lived down the road from Kropokoroff. He was a jolly and cheerful man and treated his customers very nicely. He was very famous for the sponge cakes that he made very often, and people would buy his confectioneries regularly for different occasions. He was called the best baker in the world by the people who lived in Kropokoroff, and he was admired a lot. But there was something scary awaiting him.

The next day a strange thing happened. The baker was standing outside his shop when he heard a dull clunk coming from inside as though something had fallen. He quickly went inside his shop and looked around. Nothing had fallen. Then he heard it again.

Clunk. Clunk. Clunk.
The noise was coming from the oven. He edged towards it, and when he saw what was inside, he almost passed out.

One of the sponge cakes was bouncing around all by itself! Shivering in fright, the baker opened the oven door. And it didn’t take him five seconds to realize that that was a very big mistake.

The cake jumped out of the oven and bared a pair of sharp fangs. It sprouted a pair of ugly legs and hands and ran around the shop, biting every other cake it could. As it bit into the other cakes, they started bouncing around the walls and baring fangs and sprouting legs and hands too. Soon it became a monster house.

The baker ran out of the shop as fast as he could with a pack of monster cakes chasing him. He kept on shouting “Help me!” but no one was there to hear him.

After a while, the baker started feeling extremely tired. He had no choice but to surrender. He plopped down on a chair he found, panting.

Suddenly, a huge brown circular thing fell from the sky. The baker looked at it closely and realized it was another one of his sponge cakes.

The big monster cake bared its fangs at the smaller cakes as they fled in fright at seeing it.
The baker woke up, trembling. It had all been a dream.


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