Case closed

Dyuti Bhatt, Class 8, D.Y Patil International School, Nerul, Navi Mumbai

October 8th, Detective Reina Kinn investigated the corpse of a 15-year-old. Sitting on the ground of the dim-lit evidence room, she frustratedly fidgeted with her brown hair while desperately trying to follow a lead in that case: the murder of Felice Fermis.

The crime scene was twisted. The girl’s body lay on a bed, her long black hair hardly covered the strangling marks on her neck and her right wrist had been cut. Beside her had been an empty tablet strip.

Felice’s family had been out that night. Her elder brother, Felix, claimed that she said she was feeling unwell and so she didn’t come along. The autopsy report stated that first, someone must’ve attempted asphyxiation. The slit hadn’t been made on the main nerve, so, her death was due to an overdose. The Autopsist remarked the death to have been carried out torturously.

52 days. Almost two months later, a measly lead had been found to this dead end of a case. Her only friend, Anastasia, had testified, “Felice was very reserved, but she might have a diary…but then again, she did mention about hiding it with tremendous effort…”

Reina had been shuffling the evidence for hours. Exasperated, she yelled, “There is no diary!”, throwing away a notebook labeled, ‘chemistry’ until it hit the ground with a loud thud to open itself up to a page.

“You must’ve analyzed this book only if you cared. I wasn’t murdered. However, I was suffocated on the inside and deeply exploited. First, that man did the unspeakable to me and forced me to remain silent. I was treated horrendously in school. I wept the scars of torment, in solitary.”

Her orbs teared as she continued to read,
“I need a new beginning after all this suffering.”
“She had been trying ways to pass the quickest.” Reina concludingly mumbled, as she sat up from the floor and spoke, “Case closed.”


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