March 24, 2023

Check Mate

Diya Muchhala, Class 12, Aditya Birla World Academy, Mumbai

64 squares, 2 different sides,
One was black while the other was white,
There stood strong the Bishop, rook and knight,
The queen protected the king while the pawns began the fight.
What was the battle really for?
Was their color the reason of the war?
As the board began to clear, Both kings felt immense fear,
They both portrayed outer strength,
But their hearts were shattered, ruined and bent,
They saw each other’s tribe perish,
Was this all the joy they got to cherish?
The queens were then faced with one another,
The king screamed as he saw his endangered lover,
And then his eye let out a tear,
As he saw the death of his beloved dear,
He felt hopeless and futile,
At the sight of his soldiers rotting in a pile
His heart began to burn with hate,
He wanted to cease his rivals fate,
He wanted him killed completely dead,
He wanted to stain the chess board red,
He took the biggest leap,
And stabbed the other hard and deep.
He then pondered and thought,
“Was it joy that it had actually brought?”
He then realized that it was too late,
For he was in a check mate!


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