March 24, 2023

Clever Betty

Aaliya Sahdev, Class 3, Learning Paths School, Mohali

Once upon a time, there was a girl name Betty. Betty and her family were very poor. They had only 50 rupees and promised each other not to waste it. One day, the king’s knight announced that whosoever caught the thief of the kingdom would be rewarded handsomely with diamonds, gold, silver, money and coins. Betty heard the news and decided to catch the thief, but she would not catch the thief with traps, nets, etc. She would use her plan.

The next day she went to the thief’s house and said “Mr. Thief I will take you to the king’s palace as I’m a friend of the king’’ but the thief said “If I go with you, you will tell the king about me and he will trap me!’’ Betty said, “No, Mr. Thief I will not do that I will just take you to a safe to get all the precious gems, gold, silver plates and a golden pot with fruits that turn into jewels when you touch them!” “Ok’’ said the thief.

They both went to the king’s palace, and when they arrived Betty made up a speech and said “Oh! I can hear the king. He is coming. Hide quickly!’’ Betty took the thief to the king’s bedroom so that the thief would be caught. The king came into the room and saw the thief. He said “It’s the thief and there’s also a girl!’’ Betty stood up and said “Your majesty, this is the thief who troubled your lovely kingdom.’’ The thief was now afraid, but there was no way to escape, the room was filled with guards.

The king said “Guards arrest the thief and put him in jail, and as for this girl she will be rich!’’ Betty and her family became rich while the thief was now poor. Hooray for Betty!


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