March 26, 2023

The Sorrow of a Daffodil

Saanvi Kumar, Class 6, New Horizon Scholars School, Thane

I remember my home in the green fields of flower
Where I used to dance in the golden shower
Sunflower, Daffodil and Daisy were my best friends
I hope someone listens to my laments
Every bee loved me like his very own
Here, I am on this land of concrete
All alone, alone, alone
I wonder in grief and pain
I don’t have much days to remain
Perhaps it is the fault of a man
Who tore me apart from my land
My delicate petals were burning in crimson heat
And even if I died, my life was fully complete
Even if I died, a lot I had already achieved
The hasty wind blew in thrill
I smiled in sorrow and said ‘I am a Daffodil’


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