Colours Of Fall

Saanvi Kumar, Class 6, New Horizon Scholars School, Thane

The nature transforms into an elegant place
Where the trees and warm leaves together embrace
Where the colours of unity spread joy
Where the laughter echoes of every girl and boy
Where the season of fall laughs merrily
In the heaven, the nature dances happily!
Unity of Autumn season is in the colour they share
Brown, Purple, Maroon and Black show so much glare.
Red, Orange, Yellow and Green, show so much care
These colours speak to us the message of love
They dance in breeze and fly above!
Colours of Fall are vivid and engrossing
A snowflake settled on the leaves for posing
An unhappy pumpkin suddenly became joyful
Seeing the colours of fall, so playful!
These colours of falls bring endless fun
Why don’t you bake an apple bun?
The sound of falling leaves
The sound of gushing brook
The smell of pumpkin pie
The smell of musky sweet fall leaves
The sight of natural heaven
The sight of trees changing colour
The feel of wind pushing you backwards
The feel of petals of fall flowers
Imagine a life without senses
And imagine senses without nature!


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