Sky Diving

Parshva Gala, Class 8, Shishuvan school, Matunga, Mumbai

Huffing and puffing, I anxiously clambered into the airplane for a stomach-churning adventure in mid-air. A parachute clinging on to my back and a harness attached to my chest, we took flight into the cloudless, blue sky after a few last-minute runs. Though tensed, I was excited to go skydiving. A guide and a pilot accompanied me on the flight.

We reached an extremely high altitude of 10,000 meters! A quick harness check and a sharp gulp of air, I dived off the plane. A breath-taking view awaited me, the orange setting Sun, minute buildings, gargantuan stretches of land and never-ending mountain ranges. Plunging towards the ground with acrobatic moves, I opened up the parachute. Swaying along with the wind I did a loop-de-loop which made the air stop around me for seconds. It felt like time had paused and I wanted to stop right there in mid-air. My brain felt unconscious, and my feet touched the cold, wet ground.

I had conquered my fear of heights! Tears of joy rolled down my cheeks. My happiness and sense of accomplishment knew no bounds, it made me want to do such challenges repeatedly.


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