Heroes of India’s Pride

Ansh Jain, Class 10, Evergreen Public School, Delhi

Beguiling pride of India is tricolor
It represents the flag of India- our mother
Tantalizing glamour of cultures and music
The magnificent traditions are amazingly unique
Freedom fighters fought altogether
They prevented Attackers in India to gather
We remember those charming martyrs till now
Who fought non-violently instead of violence like bow
India excels in progression and development
Indians are constantly moving with achievement and endorsement
India’s youths are always taking necessary steps
They are always fulfilled with pep and fruitfulness
Take a pledge to be responsible for India’s pride
Remember to perform each duty with a stride
Follow all the instructions and obey the rules
And respect the innovative views
Let’s not forget the day we got freedom
Which we got through various people’s wisdom
We celebrate this day with zeal and cheerfulness
To commemorate 15th August without missing heartiness


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