Curious Tales from the Desert by Shaguna and Prarthana Gahilote 

Published By: Puffin Books | Recommended Age: 9+ years

Written By: Shaguna and Prarthana Gahilote 

This book is a beautiful collection of 16 forgotten folktales from the desert regions of India. The folktales come from the salty sands of Kutch, the palaces of Rajasthan and from Bharukuch, one of the oldest cities known to civilisation. It has stories from the wild jungles of Rajasthan where a magical sparrow grants wishes and from Multan, where a mysterious and wise old man charges money to talk. The book showcases the beauty of the Thar Desert and the gorgeous markets of Kutch, where mirrors glisten like gems with the tiniest speck of light. Like all folktales, these too will leave you with some interesting lessons and values.

Published By: Puffin Books |
Recommended Age: 9+ years
Price: ₹299
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