Dear Teachers

Veruschka Pandey, Class 8, The International School Bangalore (TISB), Bengaluru

You went at my pace.
You taught me how to tie my own shoelace
You reminded me it isn’t a race.
You illuminated my day with your face
I was a layered, a deep sea
Nobody dared to dive within me
For I acted rooted and wise as a tree
But you uncovered underwater treasures which I now see
I was a lonely cloud who thought of themselves as contentless and light
But you made me see, gave me sight
You made me cross over all my frights
You made me culminate all the might
I was a thorny garden, lush, large and green
But nobody could enter since I would prick, I was mean
At such times, you were very keen
And entered this garden, to find roses nobody had seen
When I didn’t know myself, you knew me
You planted knowledge in me like a tree
You told me who I am even when I didn’t agree
Dear teachers, I am your true devotee


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