Dino Danger

Aryan Panicker, class 3, JBCN INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL, Borivali, Mumbai.

Dino danger lurking around
Roar goes a Dino, on the ground.
Teeth and claws wait along
Dino Danger lurking around
Brachiosaurus munching on leaves,
Sky high are it’s knees.
Tyrannosaurus rex crunching meat,
It has such enourmouse feet.
A pteredon flies with its wings,
A pleciosaurus with its neck swinging.
An iguanadon roaming on the ground,
All types of dinosaurs are creeping around
Teeth like daggers,
Roaring like tigers,
Gone extinct,
no longer than a wink!
Dino danger, now not lurking around
no more dinos on the ground!


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