Does Homework Really Help? – Educator Perspectives

Teachers play the most significant role in the education of a student. They are role models who nurture and raise children to be successful in the world. Teachers are responsible for imparting knowledge and ensuring that children follow the lessons and concepts being taught. In the third and last part of our three-part story, SCARLETT RODRIGUES spoke to a few educators to know their views on homework, why it is assigned and how it can be improved.

December 01, 2022

Ritu Chaudhry
School Coordinator and Primary In-charge, Gopi Birla Memorial School, Mumbai

We do not burden our students with homework. I feel too much homework is not ideal. We ensure that most of the work is completed by students in school in the presence of the teacher. But homework cannot completely be done away with, especially in subjects like mathematics and grammar that require practice. After a topic has been covered in class, a few exercises are given to children as homework. We give students worksheets with puzzles and crosswords to maintain the fun element. Assessments are also application-based. There needs to be a happy balance. Education should be a joy.

Meeta Parikh
Kindergarten Teacher, Billabong High International School, Mumbai

Being in the field of imparting knowledge to pre-schoolers, I think it is necessary that some homework be given to children. Parents should take it positively. If a topic is taught in school and similar worksheets are done at home, it becomes a kind of revision for students. Parents get an idea as to how much the child has learnt and the amount of attention children are paying in school. In the technological age where children are hardly using pens and pencils, it is important for them to have at least some written assignments. Writing serves as a foundation for all learning. Parents can make the homework more interesting by motivating kids and doing the homework in a play-way method. Parents and teachers can work together to make sure children make the most of their education.

Dr Roshan Patel
Director, Ryewood International School, Lonavala

The introduction of the new education policy has changed the way we look at education and significant changes are yet to seep in. Education is not based on rote learning anymore, but on experiential learning. In experiential learning, the homework assigned is more project-based. Most of the boards, including international boards prevalent in India, assign projects, which children are automatically enthusiastic about. Students are taught topics in class and they are given related projects that they can complete during their vacations so they have enough time to complete them. Any home assignment is to be given time. In our school, we make sure there is a proper balance maintained while assigning homework. If there is already some amount of homework assigned in any particular subject, we make sure that not much homework is given in other subjects. I feel too much writing work becomes a mundane task for students. Homework should be purposeful. Homework should be such that children look forward to learning even when they are at home, creating independent thinking in the child. Also, children who are specially-abled should be provided with special assistance. In my opinion, homework is essential if it is purposeful and creates joy for learning.

Anjali Negi
Early Years and Primary Coordinator, Indus Altum International School, Belagavi

I think excessive homework is burdensome. If the homework is application-based and connected to real life, it can be fun and relevant for children. As teachers, we assign homework that is mostly written and revision-based. Homework should be purposeful rather than being assigned as a compulsion. We also encourage research along with revision. Homework in moderation is necessary, but I think we need to change the word ‘homework’ as this word suggests that students are getting extra work that needs to be completed at home, apart from schoolwork. Homework can be more of an ‘extension of learning’ that takes place in school. In my opinion, homework should be relevant, experiential and hands-on, which will make learning fun. It should reinforce a concept by connecting it to the real world and more activity-based, rather than mere pen and paper. This will make it less stressful for children.

REFLECTION: If You Were a School Principal...

List 5 changes you would make to the homework regimen.

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