Does Homework Really Help? – Student Perspectives

The school education system in India has improved tremendously over the years. An important part of the school curriculum is homework. In this three-part story, we ask students, parents and teachers if homework is really necessary because this is a topic that has often been debated. To start, SCARLETT RODRIGUES spoke to a few RobinAgers to know their thoughts on homework.

November 01, 2022

Kashish Srivastava
Class 6, Ambience Public School, Gurugram

Homework is important for us because it helps to revise concepts. Submitting our homework on time makes us responsible too. It also helps us get better grades at school. It helps us remember what we have studied for a long period of time and helps us prepare for our examinations. But too much homework is also not good as we cannot play outside and refresh our mind.

Kush Shah
Class 7, Cambridge International School, Mumbai

Homework is needed because it helps us to grasp what is taught in school while it is still fresh in our mind. When we are given homework in subjects like English, it enhances our comprehension and creative writing skills. But sometimes, when too much homework is given, we have to sacrifice our playtime or sleep to complete it. I think homework is fun to do when it is not boring and monotonous. Teachers can come up with fun activities like crosswords or puzzles based on what is taught. Also, too much homework is stressful so it should be given in moderation so that our life is balanced. Having time to pursue our hobbies is important as it refreshes our mind and improves our academic performance.

Varunikha Sasikumar
Class 7, The Indian Public School, Erode

Homework gets tiring for students, especially after a long day at school. But I feel the advantages of homework outweigh the disadvantages. Homework helps me to understand what I have learnt at school in depth. It keeps me in touch with topics till my examinations. It also helps me to form a schedule and manage my time well. Attempting what is taught in school by myself makes me more confident. It helps me utilise my time well instead of spending time on the phone or watching television.

Kashish Shah
Class 7, Thakur International School, Mumbai

I feel homework is important because it helps me understand what was taught in school better, especially subjects like mathematics that need practice. Submitting assignments and meeting deadlines instil a sense of self-discipline in students, which will help us during our working life in the future. But very often, it is difficult for us to cope with all the homework we receive. Each teacher gives us homework for the subject they teach, which becomes difficult to prioritise. It gets more stressful when the exams are approaching. I think teachers can discuss with each other about the amount of homework they assign to each class so that it is not excessive. Also, too much homework deprives us of physical activity and family time.

Pratham Kakkar
Class 10, Thakur International School, Mumbai

I think homework is necessary because it helps me revise what I have learnt at school. I can also clarify my doubts with the teacher immediately in case any concept is unclear. But I feel excess homework gets burdensome because apart from school homework, students also receive homework from their tuition teachers. It leaves us with no time for ourselves. Homework needs to be made fun so that students look forward to doing it. I think teachers can make it exciting by giving students more practical work, for example, finding more information on a topic taught through research on the internet or making projects based on what is taught. Teachers can create quizzes that students can answer. Students can compare their scores with their friends, which will make learning more engaging.

ACTIVITY: Is Homework a Necessity?

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