March 25, 2023

Draw By Number

Get creative and turn numbers into drawings.


  • A4-size thick drawing sheet
  • Pencil
  • Eraser
  • Thick black marker
  • Sketch pens or colourful markers


  • On the A4 sheet of paper, draw the different numbers in the right place as shown with a pencil.
  • Use a pencil to shape the numbers into different forms of nature—number 1 into a tree, number 2 into a duck, number 3 into a butterfly, number 4 into a boat and number 5 into an apple.
  • Use a thick black marker to create an outline over the pencil lines.
  • Colour your artwork using sketch pens or markers.

Dishita Vora is the founder of Innovative Concepts, an art enrichment programme for all ages. It is a place where all forms of art are celebrated. Innovative Concepts conducts art programmes, birthday parties, camps, workshops, play dates and corporate programmes. Follow them on 

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