Tanay Bhuva, Class 3, Oberoi International School, Mumbai

Chapter-1 (Madness on Mars)

“Onge guogari gerobe!” – a common greeting to wish “good day” on planet Mars. Monday 9 AM… it was another day of hard work for little Drogo, a cute Dragon learning how to breath out fire and mastering his flying skills while his parents were at work. Drogo was a late riser and enjoyed eating his nutritious breakfast that included purple pingo plant, crunchy green pine leaves and yellow super sour creeper lime.

One thing Drogo liked the most was his planet and the freedom to roam around and explore its craters, mountains, and other interesting landscapes. Immediately after finishing his breakfast, he kept empty plates in the kitchen, dressed up and took along his favorite toy as he stepped out his home.

Alas! There was screaming, shouting and commotion everywhere… Drogo was shocked at what he saw right in front of his beady eyes! A giant planet was rushing towards Mars at a speed he never thought was
possible… the giant planet wasn’t alone; it was accompanied by a storm of asteroids, and they were on a collision course to Drogo’s planet. Drogo had no time to think, he ran towards a nearby cliff that he often visited and shot up in the sky, flapping his wings with all his might.

He did not know how much time he had before the collision would happen; all he knew was that this was the time for him to make the most of his flying skills. He gathered all his courage, continued soaring high
in the sky dodging everything that came in his way. As he was on his way to escape his beloved planet, a sudden thought brought worries on his tiny face – “my parents! where are they? what will happen to them? are they going to be alright??” He couldn’t leave his parents behind and decided to go back in search of them.. he first went to their workplace, but they were not there – he continued his search in all possible
places he could think of, at last he found them near the south pole.

Seeing Drogo, they quickly started flying in his direction without noticing an asteroid that was heading towards them. Drogo shouted at the top of his voice “watch out, you will get hurt… fly away in another direction”, but they couldn’t hear him.

Noticing that his parents were in grave danger, he zoomed towards the asteroid thinking to himself “I have been learning to breath out fire, its worth a try blasting fire at this asteroid”. As he drew closer to the asteroid, he started to see how big it was, but he was not perturbed with
that – all that he was thinking was his father’s advice “Believe in yourself Drogo, if you think you want something to happen – you will make it happen. Where there is a will, there is a way”. With those words in his head, he made his best, hottest, and most fierce attempt of blasting fire to the asteroid… he stayed at it
for long, his face turned red, his whole body was shuddering from the energy it was shooting out. As the sheer heat broke apart the asteroid into tiny pieces and his parents managed to save themselves, Drogo
became unconscious and fell to the ground, leaving a thick cloud of dust.

Chapter-2 (Ultimate Universe)

Drogo was hurt on his right wing as the asteroid debris sprayed all over the place, luckily the wound was not very deep. When he came to senses, he saw his parents peering over him and his body was all wet – his mother has been spraying refreshing water to cool his body. Drogo asked, “what happened?”, his mother replied “you saved our lives, my little Dragon! We are very proud of you… you acted like a real hero, but you got hurt on your wing and your body was sizzling hot from the fire blast”.

Mother continued spraying some more water until Drogo was able to get up. His father had managed to get some nice green sea plant for Drogo– eating that made him feel better. Just then, a few more asteroids came crashing nearby and rammed a volcanic cave.

The atmosphere was
becoming violent with a massive dust & lightning storm – the lava from the battered cave was fast approaching the south pole; the family was running out of time. The wild dust, lightning and lava was forming a tornado; as they moved to find a way to escape this situation, Drogo spotted a narrow opening of clear weather which also was slowly getting covered by the tornado. He told his parents to hurry up – he zoomed up and made it out of the gap in time, but when he looked back, he couldn’t find his parents… as he flew around waiting for his parents, Drogo saw the big planet collide with Mars with a loud bang – he was heartbroken with the thought of his parents trapped. While there was no way for Drogo to get back on the surface, he wished that his parents were safe wherever they were…

Leaving behind his home, anxious Drogo set out on a journey towards finding a new home. Flying through
the deep space, he observed many objects that he had never seen before. He was fascinated by the size, shape and color of those things that made up the universe. As he continued his travel, he noticed a tiny blue dot in the distance – “could it be the magical planet that I had read about in one of the books?” Drogo thought to himself. He was excited to know more about the blue planet and decided to visit it at once.

On his way to the blue planet, he came across a white sphere – he immediately knew that it was the cold moon of the blue planet. Drogo was very curious about the universe and wanted to know all about it; he
flew closer to the moon and saw lunar capsules, weird looking rovers, colorful flags, and some footprints!

While he was flying there, he noticed a small shiny object lying on the surface. Drogo settled down next to it and started examining what it was – it was a camera! Drogo was overjoyed at what he had found – he thought “if I click pictures of what I see, I can show them to my parents and talk about my adventures!” As he took off from moon to visit the blue planet, he took one final picture of the white sphere and said “galusta
horeka” – meaning “see you soon”.

Chapter-3 (I Belong to the Blue)

On his way towards the blue planet, he saw a huge floating object and he was curious to know what it was.

He saw some creatures inside. Drogo was not afraid. He knocked on the window of the structure and the creature inside stared out in surprise. Drogo didn’t know what’s happening as the creature just looked at him and disappeared back in. Drogo waited thinking that creature would come back but instead he heard a load thud sound and saw the creature coming out. Creature asked, “Who are you? what are you doing here?”

Drogo had never seen anyone like that. He answered in amazement, “I am Drogo, I lived on Mars planet and now, I am in search of new home as Mars is under attack”. While saying that Drogo remembered his parents and his face turned pale. He was lost in his thoughts, he came back to his senses on hearing the voice, “Hello Drogo, I am Sam”. Drogo asked, “Are you from blue planet? I have read about it in books and have heard that it is very beautiful”. Sam chuckled and said “Yes, we are humans and belong to the amazing planet earth”.

“Would you like to come in?” Sam asked. Drogo wasn’t sure. Seeing Drogo puzzled, Sam said “You are safe here, this is International Space Station”. Looking at Sam’s smiling face, Drogo felt comfortable in going in. Drogo was astonished looking at different instruments and controllers in ISS. He had so many questions and he wanted to know all about what do humans do at ISS? They kept talking for long, Drogo also told them about what had happened on Mars. Listening to Drogo’s story Sam promised him that after some rest, he can help him safely land on the earth if he wants to explore.

After a quick nap, Sam helped Drogo put on a special jet pack so that he can enter earth environment safely.
When he landed on the earth, he was welcomed and made felt at home by the people. They knew Drogo even before he landed, as his story was broadcasted everywhere on news channels! To top it up, Drogo was overjoyed and pleasantly surprised when he saw his parents in the crowd! Drogo had already started to like
the blue planet.

– The End –

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