Vizzmaya Jalal, Class 4, St Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

Gem of Vocabulary

Gem of Vocabulary

On a hot summer afternoon, the Mr. Pen and Mr. Pencil decided to take break from their office, ‘Library Lines’ and their boss Mr. Dictionary, Miss Paper and Mrs. Highlighter also joined them, and they went to the nearby Cafe Wordland. They were just chilling out when Waiter Crayon brought them their refreshments. There, they met Princess Tiara of Kingdom Imaginia, who was searching for her precious gemstone. Miss Paper asked her, “What happened to you, your highness?” Tears started rolling down her pink cheeks from her green eyes as she said, “I have lost the Gem of Vocabulary. It has the power to control everything, but it should never be used by anyone unless there is an emergency.” Mr. Pencil said, “I remember having seen it with you when you came to our office in the morning.” “Yes,” said Princess Tiara; I came to this cafe directly from the office. It must have fallen here somewhere. Please help me.” They all decided to help her.

She was very grateful. Mr. Laptop, the owner told them that she must have lost it at Library Lines office when she went there to share her story for their upcoming book. They all ran to the office and started searching hurriedly but no luck. Mr. Dictionary was fuming with anger and he yelled, “Why are all of you wasting time? There is so much work to be done.” Princess Tiara started crying and begged, “Please let us search for my gem. It can cause a lot of problems if it lands in wrong hands.” Mr. Laptop who had accompanied them, was watching from far away. He called out to Mr. Pen and told him, “You will find the Gem in Mr. Dictionary’s cubicle.” Mr. Pen was shocked and called Mr. Fan. He said, “Mr. Fan, please blow the wind towards Mr. Dictionary’s cubicle.” Mr. Fan was surprised but did what he was asked to do and to everyone’s shock, the Gem of Vocabulary fell out.

Princess Tiara ran towards it and picked it up. Everyone looked at Mr. Dictionary with suspicion and even though he was trying to give excuses, his cover had been blown. He was the thief. Miss Paper asked Mr. Laptop, “How did you know it was him?” He said, “I have always known that the Gem of Vocabulary can make a Dictionary, the greatest book.”


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