March 26, 2023

Green Earth

Janushi Raichura, Class 9, DAV International School, Ahmedabad

God has added us all to the equation, and without one, all will be gone.

We have all emerged from the same matter. Then, is it fair that we get to live without any problems, without the threat of being cut into two, and they don’t? Just because they can’t speak or move!

Trees power our Earth. Like electricity powers the light, trees power our Earth. Nothing can be created from nothing and everything can be created from everything. One variable in an equation can make a huge difference. Without trees in the equation, I don’t know what the answer would be, but it surely won’t be human existence; or the existence of any other animal.

We all hear ‘Save Trees’ or ‘Plant Trees’, but we don’t act upon it, and it’s okay because we aren’t doing anything wrong and we can stay the neutral person, but ignorance is not always bliss. Ignoring an issue this big will not end well. Even as school-going children, we are smart. We can all work together and strategise. We can find the people who are encouraging deforestation and anonymously call them out. There is a lot we can do because we are lucky to know what we know, and we can make a change, because believe it or not, a time will come when even one tree will matter and all those who cut those trees will regret it. Right now, the problem isn’t even 10% of what it could be, but only if this issue is ignored.

We all are like the Britishers. Just like at first, they took a little space in India, we all took a little space on Earth. Just like they ruled India, now we all rule the Earth. And just like they got kicked out of India, we all will be kicked out of the Earth if we don’t control our actions. And who said that the Earth is in our hands?

The Earth is in its own hands. One earthquake and we all will be finished. The movie ‘2012’ will come true if we don’t stop our actions. Just like it happened in the movie, the Earth and our loved ones will be ruined and then some other species will come and live on the Earth. Just like the dinosaurs departed, so will we.

Be smart. Save trees or plant trees.

ACTIVITY: Poster Time

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