Haunted Lake

Ishika Biswas, Class 4, Bridge International School, Kolkata

Liam, Mary, Jen and Fred were childhood friends. They were very fond of adventures and used to travel to inhabited forests, caves and abandoned houses. This time they decided to go to a wildlife expedition in eastern Africa which is known for its wildlife habitat. They took a flight to Tanzania and from there they took a jeep to the Masai Mara Camp. On the next day of arrival to Masai Camp they went to trekking and met some locals on the way. They enquired about the most dangerous spots in the area. The locals told them about a nearby lake which is considered haunted as everyone who went there never came back and hence warned them to not go there. They thought the villagers were hiding something and want to scare them away, so they decided to go there anyways.

They kept walking towards the lake through a narrow path. Liam wondered “The villager was just messing with us. I think we may enjoy a swim since its hot and it would be very relaxing.” Mary exclaimed “We have arrived! The view is very nice. I am diving in.” Jen doubted “Are you sure? The water is red and not many animals and birds are around.” Fred mocked “Come on are you scared? Don’t be a spoil sport.” He pulled Jen and together they had dived into the lake.

After a few days when the four friends didn’t return to the Masai camp, the camp owner reported to the families of the missing people and to local authority. The families got very worried, and they all rushed to the camp along with the police. They set a search party for the four friends and tried to find out who saw them last. Some villagers informed them that 5 days back they saw a group of four heading towards the haunted lake where earlier people went missing. Next morning the families with the local search party went there and to their terror they found the four friends petrified in place near the lake. The color of the lake was pinkish red as if the lake had sucked all the blood of the living things which came nearby it.

As this news spread like wildfire it was shown in almost every news channel. Scientists and explorer from all around the world came and set their camp near the lake. After few months of research, they found that lake water has high salt and alkaline present in water which came from a volcanic eruption under the lake many years ago. The color of the lake was pinkish due to the salt loving micro-organisms present inside which had red pigment. They rubbished all the ghost stories and given a perfect scientific explanation and went their ways.

However, many villagers say that when they pass by the lake at night, they still hear giggles and whispers as if some friends were chatting and enjoying the breathtaking view of the lake for eternity.


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