Her hopes

Shubhapradha, Class 10, BGS Public School, Bengaluru

“You have one life live it well”
When we were young we used to dream big and believed with our gut that our dreams could be manifested. We truly believed that one day we would live that dream. We didn’t care about what people thought, we didn’t care or worry about all the obstacles we might face to get there. We had our goal and were ready to achieve it. We looked forward to growing up.

When I look back at myself, I am often surprised. I find her so naive, but brave and confident. She actually thought she had a way, she would sit looking at the stars, and dream about all these big things. She tried. and she failed. she tried again. But failed yet again. but no matter how many times she failed….she tried. Every day, every hour, and every second she wouldn’t stop believing in herself.

Her childhood wasn’t a fairytale either.

She looked at the stars to admire their beauty, contemplating how long it would take to get near them, but they only told her it was too far. Then she found a young flower by the street, but they only told her she could find better, so she went forward in their pursuit, not being satisfied or happy with her small accomplishments. She wanted to dance in the rain but they told her she would fall ill.

Those words that she heard shaped her into something else these arrows struck her heart and forced her into an abyss of no hope. They crushed her confidence. When she wanted to do something with all her might and all her will and turned to those she wanted to get support from, they told her her dreams were stupid and that she did not get or deserve what the others had. That her talent was not worth investing in and that her dreams were lies….all lies……


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