The Mysterious Island

Aayushi Dedhia, Class 5, Swami Vivekanand International School, Mumbai

Once upon a time in a village of Rampur there lived three best friend’s Ram, Akhil and Tina their friendship was so close that nobody could separate them. They loved to solve mysterious, do outdoor activities and have fun . One day as Tina was going to the market she heard a faint growl beneath the ground she was standing on.

She got curious to know what was there beneath the ground. She rushed to tell Ram and Akhil . “well get ready for another mystery ” Tina tingled with joy. “mystery? “Ram and Akhil asked looking confused.” yes… Uhhh just pack your bags and get ready I will tell you both everything along the way ” she answered. As they reached the place where Tina had heard the growl they started digging through the ground. Suddenly Tina heard the growl again and this time it was louder as if the thing was coming towards them. They began digging faster and as they were digging Ram’s spade fell inside the hole they had dug and it hit something hard. Then all of the three jumped in the hole and began searching Ram’s spade but it was no where to be seen. All of a sudden a fire got lit up on the entrance of a cave. The three of them got curious to know what was inside the cave. Ram removed his torch and shone it towards the cave.

As they went in the cave a bright light shone towards them and in a jiffy they had entered an island. A soothing sound was being played behind. There was a large hotel and an ice-skating ring there was even a restaurant which had legs to walk and hands to cook. They enjoyed very much and as they returned they found the spade all new lying on a black rock which was not e even there when they had entered ” how did the new space come there? And most importantly who was making the faint growl” three of them wondered.

The end!


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