March 24, 2023

Horse Riding

Saanvi Sandeep, Class 5, Vijaya Vittala Vidya Shala, Mysore

I am Saanvi Sandeep studying 5th Std in Vijaya Vittala Vidya Shala, Mysore.

I am very much interested in animals, and hence I wanted to join Horse riding. Helmet, Boots and Chest protector is very much important. Normally, it’s 30-45 mins class. Initially for 15 days, it took time to understand b/w horse and I, and slowly learnt walking and trotting.

My favorite Horses which I used to ride was Batman & Ooty. These 2 horses were very soft in nature and hence specially trained for Kids. They love carrot and I used to feed them after my every ride. Every sundays, I used to join for thier bath in farm house which was very fun.


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