March 24, 2023

LEGO- My Favorite Toy

Rishabh Kumar, Class 3, Arya Vidya Mandir School, Bandra East, Mumbai

The famous, versatile and durable LEGO is my favorite toy
I have always been fascinated amazed and contented with this play-thing since I was a little boy,
LEGO was founded by Ole Kirk Christiansen in 1946, Denmark
The first LEGO creation with a system was a town with a lush green park,
When their wooden toy designs burned down in a terrible, raging fire, the company was forced to do something drastic
Ole and his clever and determined son Godfred decided to do something radical by making toys out of plastic,
Duplo toys which are twice the size of LEGO bricks are meant for small and cheeky children
While, the more intricate LEGO sets are for ages above eleven,
But in the late 1980s a whole new kind of entertainment was dragging kids away from LEGO like a bulbous and inviting octopus: Video Games
They were loud like a foghorn, noisy like a horde of cheeky kids and attractive like a rainbow cake and had characters who had multiple names,
In 2014 the Lego movie released creating 469 million dollars across the planet
Its’ safe to say Ole would have never imagined the impact of his tiny plastic toys, I will make a bet,
I always grin when I think of how many variations of weapons colours and mini figures this company manufactures… oh there are so many!
Even my favorite TV Series Ninjago is related to this marvelous and global company,
When my affectionate parents buy me a first-rate LEGO set, my heart is filled with warmth and joy
And I try not to yelp with immense pleasure as if I am a small mischievous and inadequately behaved boy,
Lego toys have gradually travelled their way into my toy cart and into my heart which is so sensitive
Seldom the preposterous idea is jammed into my creative and analytical brain that without LEGO I can’t even live.


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