Hostility vs Prosperity

Priyana Jain, Class 10, Smt. Sulochanadevi Singhania School, Thane

An uncultivated area of vegetation spanned ten kilometers long and wide. It was the only unsubmerged landscape left after the melted glaciers conquered the mainland and pushed it underwater, coercing the Atlantis myth to play out in its actuality, without humans to shape it into some disconcerting district. This island held a plethora amount of agriculture planted in paranoia by the dregs of the remaining society. A man lived here too; his cultural diversity or any insignia of his previous life was unfathomable.

His ambling out for supper each night was the only sign of his existence. He disappeared soon after into the treacherous interiors of the island. Once, a girl shadowed his footsteps and followed him out of the sheer monotony that was her life. She perceived him going into a perilous cave daunted by sharp shards of glass and spiky rocky terrain. She took care not to draw any of her blood and ventured behind him, into oblivion. Bracketing the walls, food was stuffed into shelves and mere crevices, in fissures in the ground and apertures in the ceiling. She recognized the scraps of food given out to each during dinner. This cave which was seemingly lost in the void held together more food than the entirety of the island. People were dying of starvation and insufficiency of food while this man hid an entire vault just for himself. The girl slipped out of the cave and sprinted back to the mainland to the scarce remnants of a once vast population and alerted them about her discovery.

The mob, blinded with hunger, marched to the cave and attacked the startled man. They killed him as punishment and left him bleeding out on the poking rocks outside. He died without anybody knowing his name. The crowd meanwhile, satisfied their appetites until they were too exhausted to devour any more. They emptied the shelves of carefully captured food without any rational decision for the rationing of the remnant refections. The human race died out this way – sheer desire clouding the judgement of a better scope for survival. Prospicience – the key to open the treasure chest of prosperity, was lying in the depths of the ocean.


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