Manoj’s Master Plan

Rishik Dutta, Class 5, Bridge International School, Kolkata

One day my friend Manoj told me about his adventurous experience. He was walking on the sidewalks with Harry one afternoon. They were coming back from school when he suddenly saw that Harry was not beside him. He went missing. Manoj then tried to find him everywhere but he wasn’t anywhere. It had been a week that Harry was missing. Manoj was looking for him everywhere and he suddenly saw his bag lying in the playground nearby. After that Manoj thought that Harry’s favourite place was in the cave near the hills. Then Manoj climbed the hills and reached the cave.

When he went inside the cave, he saw a huddle of bats. He screamed loudly. Suddenly Manoj heard a sound in the cave. When he reached the place where the sound was coming from, somebody hit Manoj on his back and then he became unconscious. After a long time, he saw that he was tied up with ropes. That was a thief who wanted to kill Manoj and Harry.

Manoj asked “where is my best friend?”
The thief said that “you will never know where he is.”

After that Manoj saw there was another thief with him. The thieves showed Manoj a knife saying that ‘you will be killed tomorrow’. Then both the thieves went to their room and slept.

Early in the morning both the thieves were coming to kill Manoj. When they came, they saw Manoj wasn’t there and as they both stepped into the rope, they were hanging upside down. They suddenly they saw Manoj with Harry, both coming together. The thieves asked Manoj how they got out from there?

He said that “when you two were going one of you dropped the knife and I dragged myself and got it. After that I tried to cut the ropes.”

“Then when you two fell asleep I found Harry back there lying.”

Then when they were coming, Manoj had taken two ropes from the room and tied them up. That was how he saved Harry.
Manoj and Harry came outside the cave and went back home. The thieves were hanging there forever. I told Manoj, “You’re so brave the way you saved Harry.”
That was an awesome adventure.


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