How to Cut a Blueberry

Prisha Popat, Class 9, The Northstar School, Rajkot

Never, said my mom
Never cut a blueberry
through the heart. It will weep poison
Treat it delicately and with respect.
Just slit the upper skin into two halves
This is a charming fruit,
So when you cut into two halves, be prepared
For the gemstones to tumble out
More precious than ornaments,
more dazzling than beads.
lit as if from inside.
Each gemstone contains a living taste
Separate one crystal
Hold it up to catch the light.
Inside is the whole macrocosm
No common gemstone can give you this
Afterwards, I tried to make blueberry pendants,
The extract spurted out, bright cerulean
and disgrace my fingers, then my mouth
I didn’t mind. The extract tasted of gardens,
I had never seen, luscious
with myrtle, mandarin, jasmine
and alive with a peacock’s feathers.
The blueberries reminded me
That somewhere I had another home.


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