Divine Rope of Heavenly Hope

Vizzmaya Jalal, Class 6, St. Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

A fallen bird that still dreams of flying;
A prey who has nowhere to run but still keeps trying;
A secret that everyone knows but tries to evade,
An inevitable conclusion to a lifetime of crusade.
Think about the pearls that fall from a mother’s eyes,
Though, still twinkling with heavenly hope,
That her injured child whom she nurtured with love
Will be able to hold on to life’s divine rope.
That feeling when you think your life is over,
All the doors of future seem to be closed forever;
Your soul shows you a window of guiding light;
That is hope, which will help you in every endeavour.
Let hope hold the hands of freedom and faith,
And give rise to pure and fair love as well as immense courage;
Let’s be fearless and serve the Almighty by spreading them like a forest fire
To the children of Earth of every type, race, religion and age.
Whenever fear wields its sword,
Wherever darkness can take an evil bite;
When all the creatures are enveloped in uncertainty,
Even a tiny spark of hope can spread infinite divine light.
The ignorance of some and the arrogance of few,
Gives rise to waves of revolution and tides of change too;
The battle we fight everyday is not with each other
But with the mirage of expectations that fear tends to spew.


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