Chrysalis Phase

Vizzmaya Jalal, Class 6, St. Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

Sometimes I wonder if I really want to grow up
And turn into a woman in this day and age,
When I listen to the advice given to growing girls,
It feels like every second man is a fake sage.
We are told to dress in a way that doesn’t attract attention;
If girls are out late in the night, the family is in tension;
They give us speeches about not letting anyone touch us inappropriately;
All of this sounds like we will have to step into a battlefield daily.
Self-defense classes are good for both girls and boys
To teach the anti-social elements that we are not their toys;
When my mother explained to me about rape, periods and molestation,
I was so shocked that it broke my ‘perfect world’ illusion.
Most of the girls are like dolls in a cocoon
Waiting to break open the shell and embrace the world soon;
Loved ones protect us at every step and paint the world around
In magical colours that make every person look divinely crowned.
Slowly, reality seeps into our lives as we mature in the race,
Being a part of life’s physical, mental and emotional chase;
To deal with the pressure of social, academic and professional craze,
I wonder how a human female can prepare for the future in her chrysalis phase.


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