Shall I Make a Wish?

Vizzmaya Jalal, Class 6, St. Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

Shall I make a wish?
As the new year begins with a bang,
A flood of messages of best wishes pour in;
Some from the heart but most without a soul,
Just a formality that makes one feel like a dustbin.
So, when I sat down to write
What I wished for the people I know,
All that prosperity, health, joy and success messages I got,
Buried my brain deep in the snow.
After a jolt from my conscience and a nudge from queen empathy,
I jumped out from the cold land of pretention;
I realized that most people fall in the acquaintance category,
Though, for them, my mind has every good thought and intention.
Shall I make a wish for the people I care about
And for those who are distant but matter to me?
How about a common wish for all that is more like a true prayer,
Pure with positive energy and nothing plucked from the show-off tree?
Shall I make a wish that God or the Cosmic energy
Keeps them warm with the love of their family every night?
Shall I pray that they have the strength to fight every battle
To achieve their goals and be guided towards the light?
Shall I pray that may we all learn to forgive each others’ mistakes
Which will give us all good health and mental peace?
Shall I ask for them to be grateful to others,
Just like I have learnt to do every day with ease
Shall I make a wish for our planet and mother nature
To not be tortured anymore?
Shall I make a wish that all of us forgive ourselves daily
And do good deeds without keeping a score?What would be a better way to wish anyone, a happy new year
Than to add them and their loved ones to your daily prayer list;
But never letting them know because love is to spread,
Not to take credit as life is to live, not just to exist.


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