Just a Dream!

Janvi Manish Makhija, Class 9, The J.B.Vachha High School, Mumbai

The night makes me frighten,
With the airy wind looking very scary,
In the lonely night
In the blinking stardust of a pale blue light,
In the Big cities and bright lights
Short days and long nights,
Hiding my head under the blanket,
And being lost in the Oblivion
The ease with which I sleep
Tends to frighten me,
The moon holds the light
And the moons this spinning globe
Shedding light upon the road,
I see a man in the Greenwood…
Roaring with the windsong,
burning in fiery glow,
Screaming through the darkness
Roaring with the windsong
Screaming out alone in the night
Just a time and place
Pulled me out of the shadow of my space
Tiptoeing and holding my breath
Almost knocking over a lamp,
Switching it on,
Going in for afterglow
Or candlelight on the mistletoe
Theres a shadow underneath the tree
Someone running, someone no one needs
Sometimes darkness is the only light we see,
Check the man on the corner
Who could it be, I can’t see
Cause his face is covered with a hood,
As I walked and walked,
Placing up the courage over the top,
I saw the tree hid in the shadow,
Twirl me about and twirl me around
Let me grow dizzy and fall to the ground
And when I look up at you looking down
Say it was only a dream!
Just a, just a, just a dream
Just a, just a, just a dream!


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