The Real Christmas Candle

Vizzmaya Jalal, Class 6, St. Francis ICSE School, Mumbai

Did I just hear the wind sing the jingle bells song?
Did the leaves just wish me Merry Christmas?
As I walk down the aisle of frozen humanity,
Even the waves seem to be caring but cautious.
I see statues walking into the markets of demons
To buy things that are as hollow as their mind;
Poor children begging for food outside,
While the rich celebrate inside with fake things of every kind.
Santa seems to have forgotten
That he needs to bring gifts for the downtrodden;
They say that global warming is melting the North pole;
I think we can fix it with the cold hearts of humans without a soul.
Christmas was never about feasting on delicacies
Or adorning ourselves with every precious and pretty thing;
Children these days just know how to stuff their emptiness
With presents and the momentary joy they bring.
The real snow brings the message of Jesus
To love each other and help the ones in need;
But we have created artificial snow and plastic cribs
to let ignorance and superficiality breed.
I am as guilty as you are
Though I try to change a little every day;
I pray all the time but I know it is incomplete
Unless I serve the divine cause at least once a day.
As you decorate your Christmas tree,
Hang not only accessories but your emotions too on it;
Maybe it will remind us what it means to be human
And only then will the real Christmas candle be truly lit.


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