How to Not Get Angry?

Udeeta Borpujari, Class 8, Army Public School, Jorhat, Assam

We all get angry but do you like the feeling of getting angry? It does not feel good when we are angry and later also when we contemplate about the incident we find ourselves guilty for rude behavior of ours in front of others. We all wish that we would have not been angry and if we had not shouted at others. But when we are angry we just cannot control ourselves but do all the things which make us repent later like shouting, hitting, saying bad words etc. So, is there a way we can stop getting angry? That’s what I will be telling you in here.

First of all, why do we even get angry? The Bhagavad Gita says that we get angry when any desire or wish of ours is not fulfilled. For example, when we don’t get the pizza we have been craving for, we get so angry and start screaming at others. So, unfulfilled desires make us angry. Now, from where do our desires arise?

Desires arise when we are contemplating on a particular object. For example, you started craving for the pizza because you have been seeing continuous ads on the television which made you think that you will get immense pleasure in eating the same. So, understanding this much below we will see how to not get angry.
1. We saw above that contemplating on things leads to desires and we also know that we contemplate on objects thinking that we will be happier if we had this or did this. The solution to this is that we have to understand that getting these materialistic things will give us no happiness. True happiness is when we elevate our consciousness to higher things. So, please understand that these mundane, materialistic objects will only give you temporary happiness if you want permanent happiness then desire for permanent things in life.
2. Even after the above method, if you have a desire then ask yourself whether what we need is really necessary or not because most of the time we desire for things which we don’t really need or use.
3. If even now you find yourself getting angry frequently then try to find the reason for that anger. Some hidden desire which was not fulfilled had made you angry. When you know the reason for your anger then you can work upon it.

So, hope you will be applying these in your life and minimize your frequency of getting angry because getting angry has many negative effects on your mind and body. And this habit of getting angry also leads to the loss of your valuable friendships and relationships.


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