My Moments of Joy

Rishabh Kumar

When I get a new book, it is my Moment of Joy and on that red letter day, I feel in seventh heaven
My favourite sets of intriguing books are Harry Potter, The Famous Five and The Secret Seven
When I get a new book, I am very agog to start reading the book
I know that it is full of danger, thrill and mystery by just having a single look
When I play chess, I feel happy gleeful and glad
When I capture a piece, then the opponent feels demotivated and downright sad
When I win against a 1900 rated player on Chesskid, I feel a lot of Joy
Because to confuse my opponent I used a dazzling decoy
I feel overjoyed and delighted when my parents gift me with a new toy
That is certainly an unforgettable Moment of Joy
I love it when I get a surprise glorious gift
It feels as if in my body a shining candle of happiness has been lit
Another Moment of Joy is when the albatross around my neck, irritating and exhausting studies are finally over
Then it feels like I am the golden-haired Rapunzel who has escaped from the lofty tower
What I don’t like about studies is that it sometimes makes me irked, fatigued and weary
After studies I like to happily roam around instead of being in a world which is dreary
Another moment of joy is watching my favorite serials and I am tingling from tips of my toes
I am amazed with the intelligence of the protagonists as they defeat villainous and wretched foes
I can’t wait to see what thrilling adventure do the heroes have next
By teamwork they get rid of savage problems by cooking spells which are complex
My favourite moment of joy is when I receive a warm hug from my mother
It feels like I am eating a huge and exotic slice of cheddar
I really adore her loving and affectionate hug
As I am the apple of my mother’s eye her embrace is very reassuring and snug.


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