The Toothless Shark

Advait Mane, Class 6, Bliss International School, Pune

Long long ago, in the city of the aquamarina, home of all sorts of Marine Creatures, lived the shark family. This one was an exceptional family of sharks as even whales feared them. Their generations just seemed to grow stronger and doubled in energy after every 4 generations. Until one day that is when Roby was born along with his twin sister Tina. Tina just like any other family member was stronger, but Roby? Oh poor poor Roby! He was the exact opposite of the entire family! He was a coward, and was very kind and generous.

Even squids didn’t fear him and loved him. But a month after he was born he still wasn’t chewing anything! This was a surprise to his parents. So they took him to Dr. SpikeGood, the best doctor in Aquamarina. But what he said shocked Roby’s parents. He told them that Roby had a weird condition called ‘KINDNESS DIAGNOSIS’, and thus he was affectionate and could not be aggressive or eat, so they had to smash up the food to make it in a liquid state. Now this shook them up as it would be so humiliating when everyone else found out, and that they would laugh.

In the following few days Roby’s parents continually kept visiting their lawyer, went to courts and so on. Roby didn’t feel worried though because there were very few animals that didn’t fear their family and came to them for advice. One very famous client was Mr Cute Danger and he was a Box Jellyfish and his best friend was a regular too, her name was Ms Hayley Terror and she too was a Box Jellyfish. But a few days later he was so upset when his parents told him that they were going to disown him as he was embarrassing enough even without teeth. This broke his heart and he decieded to call his best friend, Tony who was a Squid. Roby told him everything that happened and Tony decided to help him.

Firstly he let Roby move in with him and his family, secondly his dad who was a very good dentist, gave Roby new fake teeth, Thirdly before the teeth were applied his mom helped Roby in smashing up the food and teaching him how to hunt properly and lastly Tony’s older brother helped Roby cope up with his studies. In the end Roby becomes famous when he grows up by becoming a very famous business shark and also he became an Aqualinear.

In the end all the credit goes to the Squid Family and his parents regret disowning him. All is well!


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