How Will I Survive

Anhad Kathoor, Class 8 E, Deens Academy School, ECC Road, Bengaluru

How will I survive?
I don’t know what I should do,
Should I go and never come back?
Numb from my thoughts,
My mind is blue.
The list goes on and on about everything I lack,
I’m just tired of everything.
Can’t we just relax and feel alive?
From all this, I get spinning How am I going to survive?
Oh, how am I going to survive?
I wish it could get easier,
It could have been a bit simpler.
A bit less difficult.
But oh, life is neither,
life is neither.
It will take forever for me to adjust,
But oh, can’t we just relax and feel alive?
From all this, I get spinning.
I have for a long time survived.
I just need to work to survive for a bit.
But does it matter anyway?
To work so hard when ultimately… everybody has to die.
Can someone be my guide?
Make me learn how to survive,
I just feel stale on the inside.
So do how much you can,
I can see you sparkling as you begin.
I shouldn’t have started asking myself since I was five ‘How will I survive’.


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