Svastika Kumar, Class 4, Bombay Scottish School, Mahim, Mumbai

School had started to seem boring – like nothing new and exciting would ever happen. Let me tell you about a crazy dream I once had which changed this for me.

I dreamt that I was in my school and our teacher was trying to teach our class fractions, when gravity suddenly stopped and we were floating inside my class!

Thankfully, gravity only failed inside our class, not anywhere else. There was a high-pitched giggle, and our benches turned into roses! They looked like rose thrones, and were adjusted so that we were sitting on top of the petals, and a few roses shot up to make backrests and armrests.

Then there was that high-pitched giggle again, and we were transported to a flowery field. All the boys and most of the girls in our class disappeared. My teacher also disappeared. My friends Nikita, Riya and Mira remained. This time, I laughed and our rose thrones shot up towards the sky and above the clouds. Though it had been daytime below, it was nighttime up here and the night sky stretched for miles around us.

As soon as we were above the clouds, our rose thrones changed color to match out personalities. My rose turned rainbow colored, to represent my creativity. Nikita’s rose turned white, to represent her inner peace. Riya’s rose turned red, to represent her ability to love. Mira’s rose turned yellow, to represent her joy.

We were admiring the night sky and the views around us, when our rose thrones suddenly disappeared. We were falling down to earth, when a large pink rose petal rose to catch us. It was like a magic carpet, in the way it swooped and flew through the air. It seemed to be flying towards a large glittery wall in the distance.

As we got closer, it looked like it was made entirely out of sparkles, out of magic. We flew through it, and I saw what looked like paradise, with rainbow waterfalls, a place where no illness or bad luck or sadness could ever exist – BUT right then I was woken up by my mother gently shaking me. I lay in bed for a minute thinking about the dream I had just had. It made me feel like the world was a wonderful place and I felt excited about what the day would bring. Do you enjoy dreaming?


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