Team Spirit

Ishaan Matange

One night I came home from my football class, feeling low and dejected because, I felt , I could have played better. After dinner, I sat down to watch a documentary about Lionel Messi – the great footballer of our times. While I was very tired and my eyes felt so heavy, I stayed up to finish watching the documentary. I had a football match to play the next day and I was really worried about my game.
I reached my match the next day feeling nervous and jittery. Suddenly, I heard the familiar “thuk thuk”, somebody juggling a football. When I looked up I saw Messi himself. I went and touched him just to make sure it wasn’t a dream. ” Is it really you Messi? “, I asked . ” Yes it is me , I have noticed, you too love football”, he replied. I asked him to give me some advice on how to get better at the game. He looked at my thoughtfully and responded after a few minutes. He said, ” My advice to you is , that when you really like something, you have to be willing to make some sacrifices for it.

When I left home it was a big and hard change for me. Also, always think of your team. If you can get an easier and faster goal by passing the ball, you should just pass to your teammate even if you can dribble and score yourself.” Messi then added , ” One last thing. When an opponent scores, or you lose the match , don’t get demotivated. Just try harder next time.”

Filled with excitement and eagerness to apply all the advice Messi had given me , I hugged him and thanked him . In the match that followed, I scored seven goals and a ton of cheers erupted for me from the audience.

I woke up with a jolt and found it was my mother that was trying to wake me up, as I had fallen asleep on the sofa while watching the documentary. Alas , it was just a dream . But I went to bed that night happy and thrilled, that i got advice about football and team spirit from the best of the best!


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