Human a Complex Machine

Aayush Rautela, Class 5, Podar International School IB, Mumbai

Human created by god’s best project ever
Were made simple using 5 elements
But human arriving on earth made themselves a complex machine
Much complex than a robot
Stranger : Why god you created human
God : to make the world a better community
Of joy wisdom and experiences
Stranger: Then why they have become complex
God : I didn’t make them complex
It’s their self greed which lead to be one
As happy I had vision about the human and world
Is as sad and burden they have become to my motherland
What I see in them is only competition hatred and jealousy to mankind
Achievements are not celebrated but
They are taken as personal projects & weapons to de-mean another
I asked what will be the final conclusion
He said wait and watch
Patience is the virtue &
Nothing but everything is within us
Human a complex machine can never be re solved


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