I am Drowning

Anannya Yadav, Class 8, Pacific World School, Greater Noida

I am drowning,
In my own, deep thoughts,
Feels like I am becoming numb,
Despite the flatterers around.
Now their sugar coated words,
Hurt like sharp daggers of lies,
Sometimes there’s just nothing inside,
Only I can hear my cries.
Feeling lifeless is normal for me now,
With a heavy heart carrying all that pain around,
No one to share with,
No one who cares a bit,
I am blank, confused I might sound.
I hate it when I am praised,
Maybe because I know it is all fake,
The truth is bitter and here it is,
They all do it for their own sake.
I am drowning,
Inside my own deep thoughts,
Indeed, there are flatterers around.


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