Somalanka Bhagi Sahasra Datta, Class 5, Tatva Global School, Hyderabad

There was an elephant 🐘 named Iceberg. He had a son named Ice 🧊. Ice 🧊 loved ice-cream🍦. One day, they went to an island 🏝 for a holiday. To their surprise, the island 🏝 was a walking and talking island! Its name was Icicle. Icicle 🏝 also had the power to grow or shrink in size. He was a great chef too. One day Iceberg 🐘 and Ice 🧊 were sitting on the beach ⛱ sipping some iced-tea 🥤, when some poachers came to attack them for their ivory. Icicle 🏝 saw this and started to walk and shake. The poachers thought that it was an earthquake and ran away. Iceberg 🐘 and Ice 🧊 were safe and thanked Icicle.

It was Ice’s 7th birthday on 25th March and Iceberg 🐘 invited all of Ice’s friends for a birthday party 🥳 🎉 To fit all his friends, Icicle grew big in size. An iguana, a deer 🦌, an ibis, a turtle 🐢, a crab 🦀 , a hare 🐰 , a dog 🐕, a frog 🐸 and some insects 🐝🐞🦋🐛🐜 came to the party organized in a Magical Snow World ❄ on Icicle.

They played several games and had fun. They had a snowball fight ❄. One of the games was to make their own igloos. The hare 🐰 made the best igloo and won an international trip to Italy 🇮🇹.

They played musical instruments too – Ice 🧊 played the trumpet 🎺, the dog 🐕 played the keyboard 🎹 , Iceberg 🐘 played the flute, the hare 🐰 played the drums 🥁, the crab 🦀 played the conch 🐚, the turtle 🐢 played the violin🎻, the iguana played the xylophone, the frog 🐸 played the harp, the deer 🦌 played the harmonica, the ibis played the guitar 🎸 and the insects played the piano 🎹.

The super fun party came to an end and they all went back home. Iceberg 🐘 and Ice 🧊 made Icicle their permanent home and stayed there forever. Icicle was very very very very happy to have them around and fed them delicious food everyday. They lived as one happy family and were always warm and welcoming towards everyone who visited 😊.


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