Don’t Give Up and Don’t Be Shy

Vaidheesh Sai Dinesh, Class 2, Bharathamatha CMI Public School, Palakkad

As children, many of us are shy and timid. It is important to lose shyness, as we grow so that we can express ourselves better and achieve our goals. Here is a story of how Mahatma Gandhiji who achieved his goals by being bold and determined. When Mahatma Gandhiji was a young boy, he too was very shy. After Gandhiji had completed his school education, he wanted to study law. In those days, England was known for its best education in law. Gandhiji too wanted to go to England to study law.

However, he did not have enough money. Therefore, he had to ask for help from his family and elders of his community. In those days, very religious elders considered travelling overseas improper. Hence, they all strongly objected to his travel and refused to help. Even friends who had money too declined to help fearing the anger of his elders. It became very difficult for Gandhiji to get help. But, Gandhiji did not give up and kept trying.

One day, on seeing his determination one of his friends said not to worry and he shall lend the money. With this help, Gandhiji could travel to England for his studies. Although Gandhiji was bold and determined, he was very shy and timid and remained quiet. He did not interact with anyone during his ship voyage to England.

One Mr Majumdar observed this. He advised Gandhiji “If you are going to London, you have to eat dine and talk with people. It is important to overcome your shyness and speak to people around.” Gandhiji realized it and started to gradually talk to people. He was a transformed boy when he landed in London. Determination and courage are two important qualities that made Gandhiji a great leader in his later years.


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