March 26, 2023

Incognito: Lights. Camera. Undercover. by Vibha Batra

Published By: Pirates | Recommended Age: 9+ years

Written By: Vibha Batra

The plot of this book seems to be quite simple—a chase between a borrower and a mobster. But dig deep into it and you will learn about important family relationships. The book is centred around Aarav, a wannabe actor, and Kookie, who helps Aarav achieve his goal. But there’s also a mobster who is chasing Aarav. This twist adds a level of whodunnit and humour. While on the run, Aarav needs to take on a new identity, and in this process, he also learns more about his father’s unsolved death. The book shows Aarav come of age and become strong and confident. A perfect read for tweens.

Published By: Pirates |
Recommended Age: 9+ years
Price: 199
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