Ranthambore Adventure: A Vikram-Aditya Story by Deepak Dalal

Published By: Penguin Books | Recommended Age: 8+ years

Written By: Deepak Dalal

Set in the land of tigers, this book hopes to inspire children to work towards saving the tiger and the forests. In the book, Aditya tries to find the diary of a tiger poacher in order to know more about his next move. But this takes Vikram and Aditya into the Ranthambore forests where they not only get to know a tiger named Genghis, but also land up in trouble. Genghis talks about his encounters with poachers and how poachers are out to kill tigers for their skin and more, painting a very grave picture of life in the forests.

Published By: Penguin Books | www.penguin.co.in
Recommended Age: 8+ years
Price: 250
Available on Amazon.in


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