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On January 26, India will celebrate its 75th Republic Day. The democratic values laid down in India’s constitution on this day in 1950 are the foundation stone on which India is built and today, India is among the fastest-growing economies in the world. SCARLETT RODRIGUES asked a few RobinAgers what resolutions India needs to make for the year 2024 to further its progress. Here’s what they had to say.

January 16, 2024 

Jennifer Jain
Class 8, Crescent Public School, Chalakudy, Kerala

RobinAge Cover Story - India In 2024

Looking back at 2023, I think India needs to improve in many areas.

  • The government should make rules and regulations to ensure the safety of women and children. 
  • Educational opportunities should be made available to every citizen and poverty should be eradicated.
  • Industrialisation should be carried out without destroying the environment.
  • The differently abled should be provided with more opportunities so that they can be independent and live with self-respect.
  • Employment opportunities should be increased within the country so that people do not need to look for employment in other countries.

Siddhant Motani,
Class 8, Thakur International School, Mumbai

RobinAge Cover Story - India In 2024
  • In my opinion, Indian citizens should resolve to plant more trees and protect the environment in every way they can.
  • Cleanliness should be maintained on roads and in public areas. 
  • Stray animals are often injured or killed by speeding vehicles. They are tortured and beaten by people. The government should make food, shelter and medical facilities available for such animals.
  • The government needs to ensure that the quality of education in the country improves. Teachers should be provided with higher salaries and better employment opportunities. Extra-curricular activities should be given as much importance as academics.
  • The government should provide producers and buyers of electric vehicles (EVs) incentives so that the use of EVs in India increases.

Mysha Shah
Class 6, Kapol Vidyanidhi International School, Mumbai

RobinAge Cover Story - India In 2024

India needs to make many resolutions to improve.

  • The government should build more schools across India and make free education available for poor people.
  • We should resolve to use less plastic and more eco-friendly products.
  • Just like cricket, Indians should resolve to give other types of sports and sports players praise and recognition.
  • There should be affordable healthcare facilities available not only for humans, but also for animals.
  • The environmental laws especially for industrialists should be made more stringent.
  • We should all be kind and helpful towards each other.
  • Authorities should resolve to eradicate corruption in all organisations.

Genelle Serrao
Class 5, Vidya Vikas Academy, Goa

RobinAge Cover Story - India In 2024
  • According to me, India should try hard to achieve the goals and targets set by the United Nations (UN) including those in the fields of healthcare, education and environmental sustainability.
  • India needs to improve its healthcare facilities. Medical staff should be provided with advanced training, healthcare facilities should be upgraded and India should always be prepared for medical emergencies.
  • As citizens, we need to reduce our consumption of fossil fuels and switch to cleaner energy sources. Strict regulations should be in place to protect the environment.
  • India should invest in making everyone digitally literate and internet access should be made available to all.
  • Indians should resolve to be understanding and respectful towards one another irrespective of caste, religion or gender.
  • The government should work on creating jobs in rural areas. Also, the basic infrastructure in rural areas should be improved.

Jia Mathur
Class 5, Step by Step School, Noida

RobinAge Cover Story - India In 2024
  • I think as Indian citizens, we should participate in poojas and festivals and work towards preserving our traditions and culture.
  • We should promote local destinations and products by visiting and shopping at local places.
  • We should respect our elders and people of all religions. Equal opportunities in all fields including education should be provided to all communities.
  • The government should work towards eliminating poverty by providing good educational and employment opportunities to all.
  • We should strive to protect our environment by planting more trees, conserving our natural resources including water and reducing the use of fossil fuels.

Dhrithi Chembarpu
Class 5, Dev-In National School, Bengaluru

RobinAge Cover Story - India In 2024
  • In my opinion, India should take some serious efforts to reduce poverty and find ways to reduce the price of particular food items, so that they are easily accessible for poor people.
  • India also needs to find ways to identify and punish scammers and completely stop scams. This will help in reducing corruption in all fields.
  • India should work towards reducing gender discrimination and find ways to reduce hatred amongst people of the country.
  • India should make education accessible to every child and identify and encourage more young prodigies.
  • India also needs to make hospitals and medical supplies easier to access.
  • And lastly, India needs to find ways to reduce air pollution.

Gleydon Serrao
Class 2, Vidya Vikas Academy, Goa

RobinAge Cover Story - India In 2024
  • All communities should resolve to live in peace and harmony.
  • All children need to be provided with food and no one should go to bed hungry.
  • The government should ensure a safe and healthy environment for all children.
  • All children should be given an opportunity to go to school.

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